What is Lit?

Lit is a programming language designed 'Fast', 'Lightweight' and 'Enjoy'.
'Fast' means that program runs fast than the other LL. In order to achieve this, Lit lang supports JIT with LLVM. You can feel 'Fast' from the efficient native code!
'Lightweight', the word as, means that easy to write codes. Lit's syntax is similar to Ruby and C++.
'Enjoy' is the most important. If you can't enjoy programming? No amazing software will appear. So Lit aims that programming language which we can enjoy programming.

Design Concept

def sum x y all = 0 for i in x..y all += i end all end puts("sum of 1 to 10 is ", sum(1, 10))

Try it

Now, you can't try Lit on Web. But can try it easily on Docker.
Go to REPOSITORY, and look at README.md